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Aug 2021 -

To our valued Customers, Donors and Volunteers,

Following the BC Government requirements, masks are now back to being mandatory at the store for volunteers and shoppers alike. 

Kids under 12 y.o are now allowed at the store on Fridays and Saturdays. We are still limiting number of shoppers at the store and thus, we are asking not to bring kids under 12 y.o on Thursdays in an effort to keep the line-ups short.

June 2020 -

To our valued Customers, Donors and Volunteers,

The store has re-opened in June 2020 after a 2.5 month closure in order to prepare for the new Covid19 related procedures.

We have implemented new store policies in order to to provide a safe and pleasant volunteering and shopping experience for both our volunteers and customers.

Here is what we do to help stop the spread of the virus:

- Limit the number of customers. Have a volunteer monitoring numbers at the entrance at all times.

- Hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and around the store.

- Floor directional arrows for maintaining physical distancing.

- Limit the number of volunteers during sorting days. We have an online volunteer shifts scheduling system for keeping numbers small.

- Masks are mandatory.

- Kids under the age of 12 are not allowed at the store (including infants). This is to reduce lineups (so kids don't take a spot of an actual shopper), avoid mask wearing disputes and avoid unnecessary touching of items. 

- More frequent cleaning of the store.

- Donations are quarantining for 72 hours before being handled by volunteers and being put on display for sale. This is why we are only opened for donations two days a week.

- Washrooms and change rooms are closed to the public.

- One till only with plastic barriers between customers and volunteers.

- Shopping baskets sanitized regularly.

- Shopping limited to 15 minutes to eliminate lineups.

- Signage across the store to encourage personal hygiene and physical distancing.

We wanted to ask our customers to be understanding during these difficult times. We are operating at a reduced capacity, half of our regular volunteers pre-pandemic did not feel safe to return to volunteering in June. Many of our policies are in place due to volunteer requests and comfort level. We understand that some customers disagree with some polices: mask and children visitation limits in particular. We care a lot about the community and we are doing our very best to keep everyone happy. Nevertheless, we are a volunteer organization and the comfort and safety of our volunteers are our top priority.

Regarding donations. Due to Covid19 protocols and limited number of volunteers, our donation shelves are only open for bringing donations on Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Any donations left on the sidewalk during the off-hours are being thrown to the garbage. Not only do we lose valuable donations but we also need to pay additional fees for garbage collection. We are begging you, please don't leave donations on the curb.

Lastly, we wanted to thank you all, our wonderful volunteers, customers and donors. With your support we were still be able to donate over $50,000 to health-related causes this year. Now more than ever, we really make a difference!


the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Society



The Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Society is a registered charitable organization with over 150 volunteers, who are dedicated to raising funds for the improvement and enhancement of the Health Care in the Columbia Valley. This Auxiliary is known for its commitment to health care in the District of East Kootenay.

The Auxiliary is able to raise funds through the Invermere Thrift Store which is located right on the main street of Invermere (7th Ave). Since 1977, the Thrift Store started recycling, reusing and re-purposing donated goods. Over the years, the Society has raised many hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment and patient comfort, working tirelessly to strengthen health initiatives in the Columbia Valley.

The Invermere Thrift Store operates 7 days a week! That's right - the Auxiliary volunteers are at the store each day of the week. On average, over 27,000 volunteer hours are donated each year. These hard working women and men are sorting and pricing the donated items and placing the items for sale on the store's shelves.

The Invermere Thrift Store is open for business Thursday/Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Friday from noon to 6pm. It is also open on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month for Senior's Day 12-2pm. 

Specialty items are sold through our Facebook page.

The Thrift Store is able to provide these incredible services to the Columbia Valley residents through our volunteers, without them, we would simply cease to exist. 

In 2019-20 alone, Invermere Health Care Auxiliary donated $389,000 for the care, comfort, safety and medical needs of our community. Since 2001, we have donated $2,666,034

We, the volunteers, members, and the people in our community (who are generously donating all the goods that we are selling) really make a difference!

Enjoy browsing our website to learn more about our history, our funding, our volunteers and much more.

Store Front


The Invermere Health Care Auxiliary began in the early 1900s. At that time, it was an informal group of ladies, who saw a need in this small community and began volunteering together to raise money to support the local health care. Some of the early ways to raise funds were through selling donated items, sponsoring teas and hosting dinners.

By the 1960s, the ladies found new ways to raise funds, including: making and selling quilts, sewing baby clothing, selling hot chocolate on a cold day at the lake and starting the tradition of The Thrift Store Fashion Show.

Most of the donated items were stored in the Auxiliary members homes. Operations constantly required moving these items, which created extra work for the ladies and made the fundraising process more difficult.

The Auxiliary ladies began to yearn for a place where all the items could be stored in one location, a place where the valley residents knew they could find items at a good price.

In 1976, the search for a rental space began and in 1977, the Auxiliary ladies started operating the very first Invermere Thrift Store, in the lower level of the Lambert Kipp building.

The Thrift Store grew and in 2001 relocated to the lower level of the Leo Kienitz building. This new space benefited from having a back entrance, in addition to the store's main entrance, which made it easier for people in the community to donate items. 

Through the years, with the growing amount of donations, the Auxiliary members were concerned about the lack of space for sorting and  displaying the donated goods. The sorting often took place on the ramp, at the back of this location, and occurred outside of the building. This was particularly difficult during the cold winter months. In addition, there was no space to take a rest during a busy shift, and so the Executives of the Auxiliary began, once again, to look for a more suitable location.

On August 15th 2014 , the Executives of the Auxiliary were successful in the purchase of the lower level of the building located at 1229 7th Ave. The purchase of this property enabled the Invermere Thrift Store to expend considerably with more square footage, a ramp for dropping off donations, and enough space to allow for sorting inside the building. The purchase and ownership of this property requires ongoing cooperation and communication between the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Society and Green Andruschuk LLP, who are located on the upper level.

After substantial renovations, the Invermere Thrift Store had a grand opening on Thursday, November 13th 2014.

One of the main benefits of the new location, at the lower level of 1229 7th Ave, is that those people who have mobility challenges are now able to have accessibility to shop in a space that has main street access without any stairs.

After considerable renovations in 2014 and further renovations in the spring of 2019, the Invermere Thrift Store now provides shoppers with a large and bright space and a welcoming atmosphere. Our customers are now able to have a cheerful experience as they browse the large selection of good quality gently-used clothing, housewares, paintings, adult books, kids books, toys, linen and much much more.

The following is a timeline:


The Invermere Ladies Auxiliary of the Windermere District Hospital was formed.


Through fundraising, the Ladies Auxiliary fully equipped the New Windermere District Hospital 


The Invermere Junior Ladies Hospital Aid to the Windermere District Hospital was formed. Its purpose was to absorb the younger ladies in the community and to assist the Senior Ladies Aid.  Over the years, separate Auxiliaries were formed in Windermere, Edgewater, Brisco and Fairmont. The Senior Ladies Aid disbanded in 1956, and donated all of its funds for purchasing of ambulance and equipment to the maternity and pediatric wards. 


The Hospital expanded and the Invermere Auxiliary bought items for the hospital expansion and helped to pay for the new patio.


The Invermere Ladies Hospital Auxiliary opened the Invermere Thrift Store. 


The Invermere Hospital Auxiliary won honorable mention by the Mineral King Mine as the Thrift Store was able to assist employees who lived at the town site located near the Mineral King Mine, as well as employees that lived in the Windermere Valley who commuted to the mine location.


BCAHA presented Invermere Hospital Auxiliary with a recognition award for 75 years of service.


Windermere District Hospital changed its name to Invermere & District Hospital and the Hospital Auxiliary became a Charitable Public Foundation based on direction from the CRA, and filed Tax Returns as a Registered Charity. We were not incorporated as a Society at that time. 


The Hospital Auxiliary expanded the Thrift Store.


The Hospital Auxiliary changed its name to the Health Care Auxiliary.


The name changed to the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary, and all Tax Returns and Charitable Returns were filed under Invermere Health Care Auxiliary.


Incorporated under the BC Society Act, the name changed to the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Society. 



The Invermere Thrift Store welcomes volunteers in all of its departments: receiving, sorting, testing, sales, clothing, housewares, crafts, books, linens, online and many more. 

The rewards from volunteering at the store are tremendous. You will feel like you are donating your valuable time and efforts to give back to the community through raising funds to a variety of health related causes. 

In addition, you will enjoy the opportunity to socialize, make new friends and have fun. 

Most of our volunteers work 3 to 6 hours a week. Our key words of awareness as we work with each other are: cooperation, respect and courtesy.

Orientation and training is provided for each new volunteer and any skill set that our volunteers bring with them is an asset. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click on the Online Application Link button below and submit your application. For technical support, call us or email us. We can also send you a paper copy of the application to fill if you prefer to submit your application manually. We welcome volunteers 14 years old and above.

14-18 year old volunteers need to volunteer with a supervising adult.




Donation Boxes

Our Thrift Store depends on generous donations of new and gently used goods from the community. We welcome donations of clean and good quality clothes, linens, books, toys, housewares, jewelry, cameras, backpacks, strollers and much more. We do not accept large electronic items such as TVs, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and computers. We also can not take large furniture.  

You may bring your donated items to the bins and the shelves at the back of the Thrift Store. These are easily accessible next to a large parking lot. 

Donations are accepted Wednesdays and Thursdays only from 9am-5pm. We kindly request not to leave any donations on the curb outside these hours. We have limited numbers of volunteers for receiving and sorting and limited store space for storage.

All the donations are subject to quality control standards and are priced at the lowest possible level. We also welcome cash donations (donation receipts provided).

Thank you for your continued support.



Image by Arnaud Jaegers

Currently, 85 of the Invermere Thrift Store volunteers are also members of the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Society. When you are a member, you have input in the decision making of how the Society operates and how we continue to benefit health care in our community. Our members are eligible to vote on bylaws amendments, policy changes, the annual store operation budget, and other special resolutions. Members are also entitled to serve on the Board of Directors, and function as Department Team Leads. All members are expected to attend at least one Society Meeting each year. The Annual General Meeting of the Society occurs in June each year, and is a fun evening that includes a fabulous dinner. This meeting counts towards the one meeting per year requirement. Currently, membership dues are $10 per year and are collected between September and November of each year, for membership the following year.



Minimal Office

Edie Elias - President

Sam Monfee - Past President

Kathy King - Vice President

Madelene Lange - Secretary

Wendi Ede - Treasurer

Corinne Tansowny - Director

Heather Meadows - Director

Sharon Dean - Director

​Marilyn Donaldson - Director



These are the health care organizations who benefit from our funding

*** Click on the logo/picture to access the organization's web page ***









Columbia House.jpg



These are the community organizations who benefit from our funding

*** Click on the logo/picture to access the organization's web page ***

Disclaimer: Under the rules of the Canada Revenue Agency, the IHCAS can only donate to qualified donees. A qualified donee is a registered charity with a board of directors, or a governing body.

In the past, under certain conditions, the CRA enabled us to fund health-care related projects by organizations that are not a registered charity. In most cases, these were non-profit organizations. 









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We offer scholarships for David Thompson Secondary School graduates who are enrolled in a post secondary education program in a health related field.

The Auxiliary has a defined amount available for scholarships. Scholarship amounts vary each year depending on the number of successful applicants. Typically, the amount is between $1000-$2000 per student.

Future students, please look for the advertisement in the June issue of the Columbia Pioneer Newspaper.

Nurse Taking Notes


We offer this scholarship to students who are enrolled in a post secondary education program in a health related field.

The Auxiliary has a defined amount available for scholarships. Scholarship amounts vary each year depending on the number of successful applicants. Typically, the amount is between $1000-$2000 per student.

Future students, please look for the advertisement in the June issue of the Columbia Pioneer Newspaper.


Antique Shop

Specialty Items

Specialty items are sold online through our Facebook Page



Come Visit Us!

Store Opening Hours 

Thu 10am-4pm

Fri noon-6pm

Sat 10am-4pm

The first Wed of every month is opened noon-2pm for Seniors only (>65 yo).

***Kids under 12 are allowed at the store on Friday & Saturdays but not on Thursdays (see Covid19 section).

Donation Acceptance Hours (at the back of the store):

Wednesday/Thursday 9am-5pm

*** please don't leave donations on the sidewalk outside those hours ***



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1229 7th Ave, Invermere,
PO Box 571
BC V0A 1K0, Canada

(250) 342-5552

Thanks for submitting!